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The Hottest New Epic Sci-Fi Space Adventure Moon People Trilogy

Moon People Trilogy

“Moon People”(

Age Of Aquarius)

My first book Moon People, is the introduction book to the epic space adventure “Moon People Trilogy“. It sets the stage to the entire Trilogy series by describing a possible Earth future scenario into the “Space Age Of Aquarius“. The Moon People were from the constellation of Scorpio. Their Star was called An Tares‘. Everything was going good until all of a sudden we get caught in the middle of their fight. We also have our first space battle and start our new friendship with our new friends the Powleens and we learn about our new enemies the Arcons. The Arcons are a half snake and half human type of being. They were strictly Carnivores. They were from the constellation called “Hydra the Dragon“. Their Star was called Gamma Hydra. They had heads like a snake and a body of a human, with arms and legs. They had fangs that were poisonous but not deadly unless you were bitten repeatedly. They would first bite their victim, then the victim would pass out unconscious and then they would separate their jaws and finally devour their victims whole. Their victims were about the size of our children. They were a horrible race of beings. One thing leads to another and well I guess you’ll just have to read the book.
Moon People 2” 
(Mars Reborn)
“Mars Reborn“, describes the crew of the Lunar Base 1 transferring into their new ship that resembles a Moon, that our new friends the Powleens traded us. We named her the Aurora “ The Goddess Of The Dawn”. The Aurora is huge, it’s ten Kilometers in diameter, with light speed capability and the crew of the Aurora does an actual Mars genesis that turns out quite well. We also resurrect Martians that have been frozen for 100,000 years in life support chambers, that were in a Noah’s Ark kind of a set up and they had special mental powers too. They had people and animals, in all of the hundreds of life support chambers deep below the surface of Mars in several locations. They were constantly being bombarded by massive meteor showers towards the end of their existence, a long time ago. So they had to save who they could and go down underground into the surface of Mars. There wasn’t time to save everyone and billions were killed on Mars in that time zone. We also get impenetrable shields and weapons from the Martians, more powerful than everyone else in the galaxy for Earth and Mars defense. Then suddenly without warning we have the space battle of all battles with our arch enemy’s the Arcons and their friends the Thracians to control our known galaxy. They were everywhere. There were ships down all over all of the planets and all of their moons in our solar system. Of course you’ll have to read the book to find out all the details in between. I hope you like it.
“Moon People 3”  
(Venus The Goddess Of Love)
“Venus, The Goddess Of Love“, (The Grand Finale of the “Moon People Trilogy”) Starts out with the crew of the Aurora in the process of trying to do a genesis now with the planet Venus, Earth’s nearest neighbor. But it’s going to be a lot harder than Mars was, because of the hellish hot temperatures and the very high pressures in the atmosphere and on the surface. This genesis is also a real possible Venus genesis scenario. All of the data in this book about Venus, is accurate. If it wasn’t for me trying to find out how to do a genesis on Venus, I would have never thought it possible, but now I do. Also on another note. I hope you don’t mind but I just had to add some action sci-fi space adventure to the mix. Like when Earth, Mars and Sybon get hit by a surprise attack by our arch enemy’s the Arcons and their friends the Thracians. They came in a vast horde of war ships to take over all three planets Earth, Mars and Sybon with their new shields and new very powerful weapons in a massive first strike. They were totally invisible on all of our instruments. They were going to kill everyone they could and then they were going to eat what was left of us, like we do our cattle, especially our children. They killed tens of billions of people on all three planets and then just when you think there’s no hope, something happens, something magical. I hope you enjoy my books Moon People Trilogy. Thank you and may God Bless your life.
Sci-Fi Books Moon People Trilogy
(Amazon Rated “Moon People” With 5 Stars)
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